Friday, March 11, 2011

My Prayer

Purpose:___Women who are ready to do the work involved in using birth to heal themselves and transform into the mother they long to be will seek me out and utilize my expierences and tools to achieve their goals. These ladies will not question my worth, they will be able to provide an exchange for services that will meet my needs and allow me to continue offering my support to women who need me to give them the sacred space to do their birth work and expereince Birth Heaven

Recognition God is within me as Spirit is within all things. We are all interconnected bringing each other into harmony and attracting each other to each other at the best possible moment. Spirit will let me know when to do what needs to be done, when to act, when to sit back, when to question and when to let go. Spirit will enable me to connect with other women’s spirit in order to accomplish their Heaven on their terms on their path, enhancing my own path as we walk together on a journey to transformation.

Unification: Through the Universe, all things are interconnected, th energy I hold within me is the same energy held and utilized by women of the past to achieve great things, to honor and love each other in sisterhood and motherhood. I am a tool to carry the Energy of Birth Heaven to others who seek it an are ready to accept it and move through it in order to share and bring it to the next generation of Light workers.

3.Realization: I let go of the fear that I will not be nurtured or cared for in the process of my exchange of services for the ability to continue nurturing and supporting my family alongside the community of women who seek my services. I will not carry the burden of holdin the importance of financial needs first and trust that I will get exactly what I need in abundance to allow for my family to thrive comfortably and happily which enables me to give my all to the women who utilize my services. The time I will devote to my clients to care for their needs will be refreshed with the fulfillment of my needs and we will balance each other out.

4.Thanksgiving: I give thanks to the Universe for putting this opportunity in front of me, for providing me with the right situations to make this happen and for making sure that the lessons and responsibilities are given equal energy to the energy I put forth. I Thank the people who have crossed my path on the beginning of my journey that encourage and support me to keep this faith alive, to trust in birth, to trust in sisterhood, to trust in the unity of the divine feminine that drives me to move forward.

5.Release: So MOTE IT BE!! My words are carried not just through the electricity of this interaction but through all of the universe, on their way to being fulfilled!

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