Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Midwifery Today Conference, Eugene, OR

I am so excited to be getting ready for the conference this week. I wrote out my itinerary, went to the store to buy some easily portable, healthy snacks, washed the laundry, prepped the husband and kids about what will need to be done while I am gone for the next 4 days and I am ready to go have a FUN! I am really looking forward to the story telling and potlatch and dancing after the workshops! I am in such need for that kind of atmosphere, getting back in touch with the sacred feminine and being in a very womanly space. I miss it so much! I am really anticipating the classes and the knowledge and hope I take good enough notes so I can remember everything I learn. I wish I was staying down there the whole time so I didn't have to drive an hour after a long day, 4 days in a row, but it is better for me to come home. Besides, my kitty and birdie and doggies will miss me more than the kids! LOL

School at LBCC started this week for spring term. I ended up taking bio 101 and psych 203 at the Campus, along with a cardio/core exercise class. Math is at home on the net and Midwifery starts in a week. I sure hope I can manage all of this. The psych class is pretty interesting so far. The professor is one that Tim had before and his wife is a farmer and has a farm stay. The material is good, I think it will hold my interest enough and be a good review from some of the stuff I already know and then move on to stuff I hadn't thought about on this level. I am considering completing the pysch course and maybe taking a minor in pysch to open more possibilities of different positions that may be available if things actually pick up for the economy around here, which I have more doubt about than I would like to admit. I really think I m doing the right thing with getting into midwifery and learning herbal and natural medicine for women and children. I think it is one sure way to ensure a place in the community and help people, regardless of what is going on in politics and economies. Midwives did their part to support their families for many many years before the medical industry took over everything, I am sure we are heading back to that era soon.

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