Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birth Orgasms

When I looked up at my midwife, flushed and giggling after an orgasmic contraction, she was shocked as I told her that my contractions felt good. I will never forget the realization that went through me as I felt my uteris pulsating and convulsing the same way it did through the wonderful orgasms during pregnancy, but this time, in the middle of laboring. I had never heard the term "orgasmic" to describe labor and even though I had heard that child birth could be pleasurable, I had no idea that it meant I would actually be able to acheive orgasm, in a room with my trusted midwife and husband while laboring. Well, if I was going to be surprised during labor, I am certianly glad it was this.

I have since found a documentary called Orgasmic Childbirth and watched it, on the edge of my seat, the erotic and sensual side of birthing in a film that also showed the not so pleasent reality that so many women face unneccesarily. I have decided this movie will be one of the must watch selctions for any woman I assist in childbirth.
Upon attending a wonderful herbal class with Susun Weed I have digested some of what I heard that night. She said, "imagine where we are heading when we deprive women of their birth orgasms." For the last several generations, we have drugged women during their most vunerable and powerful moments. We have given them an easy escape of their fears, numbed the sensations that their bodies are meant to feel to birth properly and prevented them from the exstatic joy of the birth orgasm. We put them in beds, strapped down with machines, cut them, stretch them, turn them into machines, all the while keeping secret that the love they have for their babies could be ingrained in their very being with the expereince, the hormones, the pathways that are burned into their brains, the neurological development that a normal, healthy emotionally stable human being needs to receive at brith, the connection of the mother's hormones and nerve sensors communicating with the baby's is essential for proper development of the bond they need to share that has made survival of the human race POSSIBLE! We are deleting this from our genes, we are preventing this from happening and in return, we are sicker mentally and physically, we are less empathetic to our fellow living beings, we don't feel connected to the world around us and suffer from deep emotional traumas that can be scientifically traced back to birth.


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