Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sacred Waters Birth Center in Eugene, OR

Today I was blessed with the experience of meeting with the midwives and 2 student midwives of Sacred Waters Birth Center. I was pleasantly surprised by how welcome I felt, how much interest was given to me and how well I feel like I could fit into their center in the future. The building is a 2 story home that is in a fairly busy part of town. There are several exam rooms, a birth suite and a HUGE jacuzzi tub for water births. There is a big room for waiting family and friends. There are many educational brochures and ads for childbirth education and prenatal yoga. Pictures decorate the tack boards around the center of happy moms and babies. Several potted plants give color and life to the each room.

Anita, the primary midwife of the center, who started it (I think) 9 years ago is a skilled self taught midwife who clearly is the matriarchal goddess of the center. She is warm and motherly with a beautiful smile and long hair. Erin is another beautiful and friendly woman who is excited and passionate about birth. Zoey and Janell, 2 students, were bright and cheery, welcoming and full of excitement. It was really nice to meet these ladies and just makes me even more anxious to get to the conference.

It looks like I will need to establish some sort of curriculum and start advertising to do educational seminars and community outreach about csec awareness and natural childbirth. Once I get that in place, hopefully before April, I can present that to Anita and possibly find a spot in their busy schedule to have classes there and promote the birth center. A few of their students are due to move on this year and if the timing is right and I am fitting in properly, there is a pretty good chance I could be apprenticing at that facility. It would be a dream come true! I don't want to get too excited yet though. I need to be able to make some money doing classes to make it work. I also need to get enrolled in academics, on top of school and kids. It will be taxing for sure but there is no work more satisfying to me than helping moms and babies find a safe place to do what they need to do in birthing.

keeping my fingers crossed!

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