Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Yellow Things

In one of my classes, my professor likes to start the class with a writing exercise. He asked us to write down a list of 10 yellow things and then write a poem, we had 10 minutes. This is what I got....

My Notebook
Roses for Suffrage
Sections of my Rainbow House
The Sunset
My Tank Top
Pill Boxes
Soap Bottles

The Sunset reminds me of evenings spent sipping pineapple frozen drinks in the Keys
I wore my tank top that matches my mom's favorite yellow roses,
but she doesn't know they had anything to do with suffrage voting.
I moved far away from there
and instead of lemons in my back yard
there are pears
My bathroom is smaller
with soap bottles and pill boxes scattered on the counter top
and outside there is a rainbow painted on the front of my old house.
My children no linger draw on the walls with crayons
and instead my notebooks go missing.
This is what home looks like,
Ever changing as fast as the sunset.

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