Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picking Your Own Bones

Tanya Maria Mah wrote a blog called "I've Got a Bone To Pick With My Yoga Teacher" that my sweet husband, knowing how much I can relate, shared with me on Facebook today. I thought I would also share and include my response to this. Enjoy!

Wow, she sure had a lot of coffee that day! I get what Tanya is saying here. It gets old when we are told day after day to think positive, go back to our breath, only do what we can handle and it will all work out. After all this time I have played along with dietary supplements, vitamins, yoga, eating right, going gluten free, the changes that have actually occurred as a result to those efforts are small in contrast to the amount of time, energy, money, and will power it has taken to put them into place. This is why pharma wins. But when we give up on these things, and we go the "easy way" with medication to help our anxieties, weight loss, hormone imbalances, energy/fatigue issues, depression, pain, exhaustion, we realize that there is no easy answer and sometimes going back to your breath is better for you than popping a pill. Sometimes these professors got their position because they have knowledge and experience that we, as students don't have, they have talked to enough people, tried enough variety, and know better. Sometimes it is a mixture of these well intentioned know it-alls and their own desire to make a buck that we get sucked into the trends. But we still have to be accountable for our own gullibility at the desire to have something, SOMETHING freakin' work to aid in the discomfort of existing. Not everything is backed by science, and many times the stuff that is comes with a pamphlet 2 inches thick of risks and side effects, then we become gullible that it wont happen to us, until it does. What is the answer? I don't know... I am equally gullible to both sides... We all just want to feel better. Maybe the hardest part is accepting that peace resides in the mind and mind over matter means that you can overcome your pain and suffering if you just believe. Maybe it is a placebo effect that is the best answer to relieve the suffering, the power of ones' own mind. That is why I love psychology... wow, I just wrote a mini paper...

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